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Almost No One Noticed Dell World’s 5 Coolest New Products

For a while, they had robot baristas that were better at making coffee than Starbucks, and they’ve sold me automobiles from customers. The Cadillac Lyriq, a wonderful electric SUV that I hear looks awesome in person, should have been on display this year, but it wasn’t. This is particularly surprising given that GM was on the main stage with Michael Dell.

I’ve been to several events over the years, including Dell’s, and I’ve seen amazing automobiles bring people in. I was hoping to see one at the event before making a purchase. This doesn’t imply that the products on display weren’t amazing, but given that they weren’t publicized, I’d wager that most of the attendees and those who were able to watch the presentation from home missed out on seeing the products.

So, let me fill you in on what was left out. The Ford electric crate motor is my product of the week, and it’s for those of us who have antique automobiles but don’t want to deal with petrol anymore.

The Future Desk

The cost of attending these events is prohibitive for me. At a previous Dell Technologies World, Dell showcased an automobile. The Cadillac Lyriq wasn’t on the floor, but they had an office desk that I’m currently drooling over. Regardless, I should have mentioned that I bought that automobile.

Dell created a prototype adjustable-height desk with inductive charging for your laptop and other wirelessly charged gadgets, an attached display linked wirelessly, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

A sleek, uncluttered workstation is far more enticing to me than my own tangled mass of connections. Because this desk was just a prototype, I’ll be able to keep my office budget untouched. Then, if they ever get this to market, I’ll be all in.

The Extreme

This does not imply that Lyriq did not have any vehicles on display. A McLaren Extreme E was on display due to Dell’s partnership with the racing team. There was no front motor, despite my assumption that the automobile was all-wheel drive. Because it didn’t have a rear motor, I couldn’t help but wonder how it acquired its power.

There were moments of panic when Dell’s representative reminded out that the automobile was only an artistic rendering. This is still intriguing because Extreme E is a new sport that is incredibly varied and partners men and women together for each driving team. As a result, this vehicle carried both a message in environmental aspect and a diversity message.

They have one of the best diversity programs in the business, thanks to Michael Dell and Dell Technologies. This vehicle highlighted the need for more diversity in the automotive industry and offered a solution to that problem.

Farm Without Pesticides That Is Fully Automatic

Dell Technologies’ Director of Solutions Marketing Chhandomay Mandal gave an astounding agricultural demonstration on the show floor. As a result of a collaboration between Dell and Nature Fresh Farms, the endeavor is computer-controlled.

We’re losing a lot of farmland due to climate change, which is a huge problem. Because of this year’s DTW event, I believe the density of a single acre can generate as much as 10 acres of farmland can produce horizontally if vertical farming is implemented.

This experiment used active insect management to ensure that the crops are properly pollinated, where insects execute the task that pesticides would otherwise do. Pesticides and fertilizers are contaminating our waterways. This form of pollution can be greatly reduced if we switch to more natural approaches.

Climate change presents a significant potential for the production of more nutritious food. To my dismay, this lesson contained two items that I dislike: bell peppers (which make me sick) and tomatoes (which I only like in sauces, soup, and salsa). Because of this, I wish they’d picked something else!

App for Ethical Decision Making

Kristi Kevern came up to me and said there was an app I had to see, so I took her up on her offer. Dell Technologies’ senior managing director for ethics and compliance, Kristi, has a long and distinguished career in the IT industry. As a former IBM auditor, she seemed to know that I would have been desperate for an app like this while I was there.

Bribery is frequent in many countries and may hurt your brand, connect with the authorities, and even your criminal legal status. This is sometimes due to a lack of knowledge of the regulations because the rules in a U.S. firm may differ greatly from those in a local company owing to U.S. legislation and enforcement.

When workers disobey strict ethical guidelines, I’ve had to fire them because they were recently out of school, didn’t get the memo, or needed to be trained before making a mistake. You may count on certain employees to flout the rules with full knowledge and then claim ignorance. While I still believe those individuals should be terminated, firing has always seemed more harsh than effective for those who did not realize they were straying out of limits.

You may save jobs and defend the company’s reputation by giving every employee an ethics app that is sophisticated enough to take a poorly phrased query on ethics and point out the transgression. Those employees who were gaming the system would no longer have an explanation for not knowing.

Concept Luna

Concept Luna should be the goal of every seller. First time I’ve seen a PC product that comes close to being 100% recyclable/renewable.

This effort will greatly decrease the number of problem materials going into landfills from existing designs by reducing the number of screws in the product, using plastics produced organically that degrade naturally and safely when discarded, and providing an impressive path to upgrade or upgrade update the product during its lifecycle.

As a bonus, this laptop could be disassembled and reassembled in a fraction of the time it takes to deconstruct and rebuild a product for upgrading, repair, component reuse, or destruction.

The biggest hope for our technical future is that all computers will be developed the same way as Concept Luna. This is the Holy Grail of green technology items, and it should serve as a model for future developments in the field.

My attention was drawn to a sixth product. A thermal liquid immersion sarcophagus that promises to dramatically improve cooling was the final device I had the chance to learn about because no one was available to speak with me.

The cooling container looks like a cryogenic sleep chamber for interplanetary travel. Using a non-conductive coolant, this chamber might better protect and cool your high-performance servers and workstations. I thought that was cool, but there was no one in the booth to tell me the tale, so I’ll never know.

Whatever the case may be, there were six exhibits at Dell Technologies World that caught my eye. They covered topics such as how to make your workplace and food supply more efficient, how to discourage employees from making costly mistakes, how to make laptops more environmentally friendly, and a glimpse into the future of liquid-cooled electronics.

At Dell Technologies World, I was able to see a lot of the future. Maybe it’s a good thing that they didn’t have the Cadillac Lyriq, given how much automobiles have risen in price.

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